Smart and wickedly funny, VENI, VIDI, VERO is a ribald, rollicking mid-life coming-of-age story about transformation and triumph

"Told in swift scenes, compelling dialogue, and sure-footed plot twists, Veni Vidi Vero wraps readers in a world of greed, ambition, and lust—all tempered by the resilience of the human heart."

Award-winning author Anne-Marie Oomen

Born and raised in Michigan, Gretchen earned degrees in music, English literature, and interior design. Most of her adult life was spent in South Florida, where, for 30-years, she owned and operated a high-end interior design firm catering to millionaires. 

Her first major work was the musical “Talisman,” which was professionally produced in the largest regional theater in the South, starring an as-yet-undiscovered Mandy Moore! She went on to write two other musicals and several children’s books.

Gretchen's memoir, “Dancing with the Devil,” a harrowing chronicle of her daughter’s addiction journey and hard-won recovery, continues to appeal to book clubs across the country, and her children’s book, “Dune Dragons,” was nominated for a 2019 Michigan Most Notable Book Award. 

Gretchen resides in San Antonio with her partner, Mel Laracey. She's working on the third installment of her Dune Dragon series, "Dune Dragons and the Northern Lights", and a major film studio is currently considering the "Dune Dragons" books for an animated series.


The Dune Dragon Saga

"Rose is an excellent storyteller, smoothly relaying a tale that will bring smiles to reader’s faces with its unexpected, yet happy conclusion."

 Ray Walsh, owner of East Lansing’s Curious Book Shop

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Dune Dragons

The Beginning

In search of a new land—someplace where they may be free of man’s violence and wars—a colony of dragons sets out on a great journey across a vast ocean. They find a home alongside a great lake, where they can shelter in the dunes for their long winter naps and, in the summer, play in the lake's turquoise waters.

But when a ragtag band of humans appears, the Dune Dragons' idyllic way of life is threatened.

Dune Dragons

and the Fairies of the lake

When young Zuzu accidentally injures a fairy, the young Dras and their friends are propelled on a treacherous cross-country journey. Reunited with Alitta, Zuzu's rescuer from book one, they wing their way south, escaping close call after close call along the way.


Toward the end of their expedition, they are blown off course, necessitating a stop in Cahokia, “The Mecca of the Plains,” and that’s where things really get dicey.


An inspirational story from a mother of her daughter's fight with addiction.


A talented, privileged young woman descends into the netherworld of strip clubs, addiction and crime, only to realize she must conquer her demons or be destroyed by them.

"Dancing with the Devil" is a fast-paced narrative that alternates between the irreverent, pathetic, existential, and hopeful. It is a wildly entertaining tale and an inspiration for anyone who ever felt stuck in a lifestyle, job, or relationship that seemed impossible to escape.

In the works...

Olivia thinks she is running away from an abusive husband. Turns out, she's running toward the life and love she'd always dreamed of.


A hastily conceived flight and a near-brush with death, miraculously land Olivia in Chrystal Fall's atmospheric Charming Manor. Annabelle Bow, the kind-hearted innkeeper, takes the distraught woman under her wing, and it isn't long before the townsfolk of this insular little town in Upstate New York embrace Olivia.


Much to her chagrin, she finds herself being ardently pursued by the town's two most eligible bachelors—local radio personality, Rhett Palmer, and attorney/farmer, Lance Crawford. But Olivia has been wounded and is much too fragile to consider romance. When her soon-to-be ex-husband blows into town, thinking to spirit her away, Lance and Rhett send him packing, and Olivia realizes she has people who watch her back and that she's dug in.


Original songs, an ensemble cast of diverse characters, and an idyllic country setting deliver true Christmas cheer and sweet romance. What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a Christmas Charm?

Earlier Works

Gretchen's earliest works were for the theater.

Musical Comedies


When Christianity takes hold in Ireland, a powerful druid must come to grips with a world and a belief system that is transforming around him.


At the onset of WWII, when London is being bombed by the Germans, the Lind’s decide that they must send their children, Sabrina and James, to America so that they might be safe for the duration of the war.