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Are you ready for a great summer beach read? Author Gretchen Rose is ready to give you a year-long adventure on Florida’s sunny coast. “Veni, Vidi, Vero” is a heartwarming and humorous tale about people whose lives loosely intersect, changing the trajectories of their respective paths. Rose masterfully uses multiple POV characters to capture the hopes, dreams, and struggles of people that differ in age, gender, and socio-economic class but find common ground through their humanity. The pacing is suitable to the intricate plot, and the narrative follows different storylines that converge in a dramatic and satisfying conclusion.

Retained as piano instructor to young Harry, Tara soon finds herself entangled in the affairs of his mysterious father, the wealthy tycoon, Nathan McCourt. As Tara’s house is being renovated, a strange thing happens: she undergoes a transformation of her own. She is stronger, more confident, and happier than she ever imagined possible. If only Nathan saw her a more than another domestic in his employ! And what about that missing lottery ticket?

"Smart and wickedly funny, VENI, VIDI, VERO is a ribald, rollicking mid-life coming-of-age story about transformation and triumph."

"Gretchen Rose has proven herself master of children’s books, memoir, and now in yet another literary coup, mystery, romance, and murder! Told in swift scenes, compelling dialogue, and sure-footed plot twists, Rose wraps readers in a world of greed, ambition, and lust—all tempered by the resilience of the human heart."

Anne-Marie Oomen – award-author of “Pulling Down the Barn,” “Love, Sex, and 4-H,” and “The Lake Michigan Mermaid—A Tale in Poems”

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