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In search of a new land—some place where they may be free of man’s violence and wars—a colony of dragons sets out on a great journey across a vast ocean.

The dragons settle in what is known today as Northern Michigan, and they are delighted with their new home. Dune warrens provide the perfect shelter for their long winter naps, and there are plenty of delicious fruits and nuts to eat.

In the spring, the frozen lake thaws, and great sheets of ice pile up on shore, creating iridescent towers for younglings Chryllis and Jilly to play upon. During the lazy days of summer, the two best friends compete in games with the woodland animals or dune-slide into the turquoise lake, while Dra teens soar overhead on upward drafts. In the fall, when the trees are ablaze, there are cherry-pit-spitting contests, and popcorn popping with dragon breath.

But when a ragtag band of humans comes ashore to establish a settlement, the idyllic life of the Dune Dragons is threatened.

"Rose is an excellent storyteller, smoothly relaying a tale that will bring smiles to reader’s faces with its unexpected, yet happy conclusion."

Ray Walsh, owner of East Lansing’s Curious Book Shop

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