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A mother struggling to provide for her disabled teen, the enigmatic man who holds the key to her future, and the psychopath who is hellbent on destroying it…
A suspenseful tale spiced with romance, this book delves into mother-daughter dynamics, taking the reader from posh Vero Beach to swanky Barbados, Capurganá’s waterfront, and beyond.

Single mom of a developmentally challenged teenager, Andrea Nelson is a high-powered realtor who—when the housing market tanks in 2008—faces financial ruin.

With clients bailing on good faith deposits, Andrea doesn’t know how she will continue her daughter’s pricey education let alone fund her mother’s upkeep in the familial estate that is falling into ruin. She has but one prospect—the mysterious Daniel Armstrong—and he’s a longshot.

The handsome tycoon has the cash and the wherewithal to purchase any residence he desires, but nothing Andrea shows him satisfies. Desperate to sell a property, she shows him Casa Rio, her mother’s oceanfront compound, and he falls in love with it. Andrea knows she must make the ultimate sacrifice, to separate from her past to cement her future. What she doesn’t realize is that her daughter is in danger, and her world is about to be turned upside down.

"This is no ordinary story — this is deliciously complex narrative combining relatable characters, beautifully detailed settings, and the continuance of hope and strength to carry on when the world seems dark. 'A Little Vice in Paradise' was clearly crafted with love. Ms. Rose gave me moments of beauty that left me with tears in my eyes."

Tori L. Ridgewood, in the 'Romance and Other Dangers' blog

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