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Olivia thinks she is running away from an abusive husband. Turns out, she's running toward the life and love she'd always dreamed of.

A hastily conceived flight and a near-brush with death, miraculously land Olivia in Chrystal Fall's atmospheric Charming Manor. Annabelle Bow, the kind-hearted innkeeper, takes the distraught woman under her wing, and it isn't long before the townsfolk of this insular little town in Upstate New York embrace Olivia.

Much to her chagrin, she finds herself being ardently pursued by the town's two most eligible bachelors—local radio personality, Rhett Palmer, and attorney/farmer, Lance Crawford. But Olivia has been wounded and is much too fragile to consider romance. When her soon-to-be ex-husband blows into town, thinking to spirit her away, Lance and Rhett send him packing, and Olivia realizes she has people who watch her back and that she's dug in.

Original songs, an ensemble cast of diverse characters, and an idyllic country setting deliver true Christmas cheer and sweet romance. What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a Christmas Charm?

"A perfectly charming book for the holidays. Characters are rich and relatable and the setting is so inviting it makes you want to visit!"

Amazon review by 'Amy'

"A Christmas Charm was so beautifully written and kept my spirits up when times are so hard for so many of us."

Amazon review by 'Louisa'

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